PARTS Project - Pathways to Advance a Robust Third Sector

Our project aim is to increase the resilience, particularly the financial resilience of third sector organisations (TSOs) in Aberdeenshire. It will do this by:


  1. Taking stock of the state of the art on developing TSO financial resilience and prepare a position paper, building on grey and academic literature and customising findings to the Scottish and Aberdeenshire context

  2. Co-constructing with third sector actors a typology of TSOs in the area based on the types of activity they pursue and the ways in which they seek to develop financial resilience

  3. Identifying good practice examples and identifying individuals from the practice community to provide peer-to-peer support to TSOs building on local knowledge of successful TSOs

  4. Developing thematic workshops dealing with specific types of TSO, which co-construct pathways towards financial resilience for a range of TSOs

  5. Building a community of practice of TSOs sharing good practice through a Wiki and promoting networking events in Marr to build confidence in the project and shared ownership

  6. Developing a downloadable on-line manual on building resilience for TSOs with boxed case studies of good practice example.

Read the following background papers:-

Background Paper 1 - The Third Sector in Marr Area

Background Paper 2 - Revenue Generation

Background Paper 3 - The Scottish Policy Environment and the Third Sector