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PARTS   Pathways to Advance a Robust Third Sector

The Pathways to Advance a Robust Third Sector project (PARTS) has been set up with the aim to empower Third Sector Organisations in the Marr area to ensure they have strong and sustainable futures so that they can continue to serve their communities in the toughest of times.

The PARTS project aims to provide TSOs with a structured and trusted space for them to share knowledge and good practices around common issues, concerns and solutions relevant to the Marr Area. In addition, PARTS intends to facilitate TSOs to engage in peer-to-peer support activities with other local TSOs. We believe that sharing knowledge and learning from each other will be an effective additional way to develop a wider range of capacities to be better prepared to respond to these challenging times. As the PARTS project develops, we shall deliver workshops, networking events and information to participating TSOs.



To benefit from this unique project, please feel free to get in touch with

Ana at the Marr Area Partnership (

How are we supporting the Third Sector in Marr?

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