Marr Area Partnership was formed in 1998 by a group of volunteers to help local communities help themselves. The nature of our work has changed over time but the same broad aims apply: we seek to support communities in the Marr area to develop and grow in to thriving, successful communities with secure economic, environmental and social futures.

We are a registered charity and were set up, with the support of Aberdeenshire Council, as a rural partnership recognised by the then Scottish Executive.

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We can help you secure funding and give advice on starting or expanding your community projects. Our weekly ebulletin is a round up of funding opportunities, ways you can have your say and information regarding local events. As well as this we can assist in devising your Community Action Plans. 

The quarterly Ward Forums are an opportunity to network with fellow activists and learn about the issues that impact your communities. 

We have helped a broad cross-section of groups from Braemar Castle to Aboyne Breastfeeding Group. 

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