CAFE Project - Creative Access to Food for Everyone

  • Are you interested in buying more local food but do not know where to look for it?

  • Are you interested in growing more of your own and meeting like-minded people?

  • Are you a home grower and do not know what to with the surplus you produce?

  • Are you worried about rising food prices and wondering how you are going to make ends meet in the future?

  • Are you a producer or retailer of local foods and are looking for new opportunities to getting your products into the local economy?

  • Are you involved in a food pantry and would like to stock more local, fresh foods?

  • Are you interested in the potential for a robust local food economy to generate new jobs?


… then come join us at the Marr Area Partnership’s “Local Food Hub” for the Marr Region.


Project CAFÉ – Creative Access to local Food for Everyone – has been set up to increase the resilience of families and local food suppliers in the region in the face of increased food security resulting from the unprecedented conjunction of BREXIT, climate change, low wage growth, stagflation, COVID and European war. The hub, to be launched in Autumn 2022, will be both online and event-based, bringing together communities to learn from each other about ways of improving the circulation of good quality, economically priced, accessible local food where they live.


Get in touch with Ana to find out more :