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CAFE Project - Creative Access to Food for Everyone

A perfect storm of world events has resulted in soaring food prices. The CAFÉ project – Creative Access to local Food for Everyone – has been set up to help families and local suppliers cope in these challenging times. The project aims to bring communities together to share how we can improve the distribution and availability of good value, affordable, and high-quality food across our communities.

We’re excited to be looking at how to grow your own fruit and vegetables plus where to share any excess crops. If you’re a local producer, this could be a good opportunity to shout about where you are selling your produce and look at moving into other areas of the local economy. This linking up of producers and buyers boosts our local area, potentially creating new jobs.

If you are worried about the rising food prices, we have great connections with local food pantries that have free items that would simply be ending up in landfill.

To find out more about this project, and read the full report, click the button.

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